Your Business Blueprint

Your Business Blueprint

19.99 24.99

Business Blueprint

19.99 24.99

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed from trying to figure out which tasks you should be doing daily, weekly, and monthly to start seeing passive income? When I first started my coaching business, I started each day completely overwhelmed because of the uncertainty I had about what I should be doing daily to grow my business. This list will help you:

  • learn the critical steps a successful coach must take daily, weekly, and monthly

  • have three clear-cut lists of tasks to complete daily, weekly, and monthly that will help you achieve success

  • stop spinning your wheels

  • learn how to market without being “spammy” or using your friends

  • live the life you want without sacrificing quality time with friends and family

  • follow a list of tasks you can complete from anywhere at anytime to grow your business

  • complete a checklist each day in less than an hour that guarantees success

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