January Recordings:

Jillian Newkirk, Eliminating the Power Struggles:


Stephanie Klinger, Finance Training                                                                                                                 



Resources For The Month


1.  Jillian Newkirk's Taking The Struggle Out Of Bedtime eCourse

What would life be like if you AND your child could have a peaceful evening that resulted in quality sleep? 

Seriously... pause and think about how life changing this reality would be!

You work diligently ALL. DAY. LONG. and when bedtime comes (hallelujah), you are ready for things to go smoothly. Sure, you love your kids, but you also want them to sleep to be their best the next day and to give you some time to breathe, rejuvenate, and perhaps get some sleep yourself!

But... kids see bedtime very different than you do. This is why this time is an age old problem! This course will open your eyes to the mindset of a child and what they need to make a smooth transition into restful sleep.


2.  Stephanie Klinger's 'Be A Brilliant Money Tracking Machine Bundle'

Snag the printable/fillable book here and the audio training here



February Recordings:

1. Alyssa Lewis: Training that 'Mom Bod'

Catch the replay for Alyssa’s training here :https://zoom.us/recording/play/5rOq-CiB8vbDZ-B5pLDJ2dgVEPKEatFRHAuwdd-mwQVatawRhRtLvmA4YZ9kY9zn  


2. Tiffany Ivey 3 Must Haves For A Successful Marriage

Catch the replay for Tiffany's training here: https://zoom.us/recording/play/oYeQPTzVV2sn0d8d9STgxfLdfYPHDGxpahuhBkxA6mRatrE91B6BhuAny6YQfAw0  

Alyssa Lewis        

You’ve got this mama, let’s dive on in!

Downloadable resource:



March Recordings:

Rebekkah Herrick's 'Organizing Your Home For Success'

Organize Your Home For Success!

Ali Christian's 'Mastering Time Management' training: 

Master Time Management!


Resources For The Month

From Rebekkah Herrick:

#1 Clutterbug with Cassandra Aarssen

This is her website and from here you can access all her other social media including free ebooks to download, youtube channel, facebook page, instagram, podcasts, and more.



#2 Do It On a Dime with Kathryn

This her blog and from here you can access the rest of her stuff including free printables, instagram, and youtube channel.



Download Workbook


Your 'Master Time Management' Workbook from Ali Christian:

Download this workbook and use with the video training recording found above in the 'Recordings' section