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  • Live Training With Q and A in Mom Topics Twice a month you'll be part of a LIVE training with an open Q & A time for you to ask all of your pressing questions! Our guest experts are the real deal and we’re bringing in the big guns- marriage counselors, behavior specialists, financial advisers, lactation consultants- you get the picture!


  • Lifetime Access to The 'Taking the Struggle Out of Bedtime' eCourse! What would life be like if you AND your child could have a peaceful evening that resulted in quality sleep? You work diligently ALL. DAY. LONG. and when bedtime comes (hallelujah), you are ready for things to go smoothly. Sure, you love your kids, but you also want them to sleep to be their best the next day and to give you some time to breathe, rejuvenate, and perhaps get some sleep yourself! But... kids see bedtime very different than you do. This is why this time is an age old problem! This course will open your eyes to the mindset of a child and what they need to make a smooth transition into restful sleep.  


  • A Tight-knit, Private Community Just For Moms nvision hanging out with other moms whenever you want, without having to load up the diaper bag, car seats, or even their bellies. You'll meet other moms to become besties with who will support you in the trenches of motherhood, pray for you, and be available to you when you’re in desperate need of adult conversation.


  • Downloadable Resources Open, download, and it's yours to equip you to better serve your family. We’re talking a Family Meal Planning Guide {with a grocery list}, 'How To Become A Brilliant Money Tracking Machine Money Tracker, ABC's Clean Eating Cookbook, and oh-so-much more!


  • And more Y'all know we like surprises!
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