A few of my favorites

I get questions a lot about which products, apps, freebies,etc. I’m loving + how others can get them too. So I’ve linked them all below. If I’ve shared it below, chances are you’ve heard me talk about it before.

The links below are only items I’ve personally used and personally LOVE. Hopefully you know by know, I wouldn’t share something I don’t use myself or love a bunch.

If you grab any of these because of my recommendation, be sure to send me a message or share and tag me. I want to see!!


Free Guide: 5 Time Management Mistakes You're Making That Are Leaving You Exhausted

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The Time Management Course

This is a four week course that will teach you how to be highly productive and extremely efficient with your time, but those things take more than time management skills.

We have to build a proper foundation by teaching you systems, organization, avoiding procrastination, scheduling (the answer to getting it all done without going nuts) and so much more. The objective is that you leave The Time Management Course with the ability and motivation to take action & total peace so you can do the work that God has called you to with confidence.

Check out all the details, pricing & more here!

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Instagram is my jam, but Facebook is forever. If we’re not connected on Facebook, what are we doing with our friendship? Let’s connect here!



Proverbs 31 Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

This is a free Facebook group I host for female entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business in a way that is Christ-centered + connect with other like-minded, kind-hearted entrepreneurs.

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If you haven’t heard me talk about Instacart yet, you must be new around here… I’m completely obsessed. Not only because my time management nerd self is able to save time, but because I’ve been able to replace that time shopping with an activity both my girls AND I love. We’re no longer forced to go out in terrible weather or when we’re under the weather to get groceries. Instead, we order on the easy app, our shopper delivers the goods, and we can do something fun we love.

I could go on and on about why I’m so obsessed, but I’ll just share one more reason… We have saved so much money by using this service because the app can sort each category of item that you’re looking for into the lowest price or the lowest unit price, meaning I no longer have to wonder if the grapes or oranges are truly the ‘deal of the week’ or try and do the math in the store about which cheese gives you more bang for your buck.

My three year old absolutely loves ‘having friends over’ that bring us our groceries, ha!

P.S. Even my mother, who’s the world’s biggest skeptic has fallen in love. She loves her personal shopper John.

Use this link for $10 off your first order! Enjoy! https://inst.cr/t/sEyUW6hUG


My Blog

This blog is full of tips, tricks & laughs for the woman who is wifing, moming, worshiping, and building a business, who knows she’s imperfect, yet wants to learn how to grow in grace in all of her roles.

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Hair Quiz

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with products that save me time & money. One of the top ways I’ve saved time and money this year has been by using these toxin-free, vegan hair products exclusively.

I could go on and on about the reasons I’m obsessed, but I’ll share just a few here:

  • I was losing hair like crazy and getting some pretty sweet bald spots. My crazy, postpartum bald spots have filled back in with new, healthy hair (shout out to all the regrowth happening over here).

  • I used to be an oily girl. Now, I only have to wash 2xs a week. These products have balanced my oils and decreased the amount of washing I do.

  • My hair was breaking at the bottom & super frizzy and dry (thank you ten years of highlights & coloring). I hardly recognize myself anymore with this thick, healthy mane. My friends (and husband) actually pick on me about how often I touch my hair. But ya girl has never had this before until these products, so cut a girl some slack!

  • I used to walk the aisles of Walmart, searching for a product promising to solve my hair issues, just to be disappointed after one use when I got home… again! I love that these products actually do what they say they will & I’m no longer wandering the aisles, wasting money, time & emotion (okay, slightly dramatic, but momma was getting angry about all the waste!)

Trust me, finding the right products for your hair will not only make you feel like a new woman, but make all the difference in your results. Here is a quiz you can take to find out the exact products you’ll need (and what you won’t need!)

The Roomba

If you’re in my Time Management Course, you know I love “hitching” activities together to be more efficient & present. I love ordering Instacart AND going to the playground. Another way I love to hitch is by turning on my robotic Roomba vacuum AND having a nail painting party with my daughters.

A few months ago I was at a friend’s house for lunch. Our kids were super messy at lunch time so I offered to vacuum for her. She got out her vacuum for me & I cleaned up. Here’s what happened…