Thank you for your love, encouragement, prayers & donations. They are truly helping this momma fight & heal!

Prayer Requests


We believe in the power of prayer. Prayer has changed everything for us on this journey. Thank you for joining us in prayer!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Complete healing (God is good even if He doesn’t heal, but we’re praying for total restoration of my body)

  2. That God would provide financially in a big way.

  3. My liver is struggling so prayers for protection for the ole’ girl are much appreciated (Doc was super blunt and said we need to do everything possible to protect it because if it fails no one is going to donate a liver to a cancer patient, she’s a straight shooter).

  4. An appetite for healthy, healing foods (I tend to have the strongest aversions to those, yet need them the most).

  5. That each member of our family would have deep, sweet time with Jesus during this journey

  6. Discernment for Ben & I about post-cancer life. We are trying to discern God’s will for our family after this season (as far as careers) & we both have different opinions (strong opinions!) We need discernment & trust to obey what God is calling us to do.

  7. Strengthened family/marriage bonds during this challenging time.

Ongoing List Of Answered Prayers:

  1. God provided amazing housing until the end of our stay in both CA and GA!

  2. God is drawing near to all members of our family

  3. Our marriage is strengthening as we walk through these trials

  4. When I first started treatment, I was draining 2L of fluid from my chest that was preventing me from having normal oxygen levels and being able to breathe. As of this week we are only draining 50mL! I feel amazing, but better yet I am cleared to get my chest catheter out 

  5. God spared my life after a very scary week of being neutropenic in the hospital In CA

  6. We had an amazing vacation traveling back to NY and seeing friends and family in NY.

  7. I got my chest tube out!

  8. God has brought a HUGE community of people around us here in GA who are loving us more than we ever could’ve imagined.

  9. Ben got a part time job at a restaurant- good news for our financial situation

Financial Support

If we’re being honest, treatment is expensive. Outrageously expensive. Unjustly expensive. If you or a family member has gone through the gamut with cancer, you know this. Shewwww… *deep breaths.* Moving on… One of the most tangible needs we have right now is financial support. If you feel led to support us, here are a few ways to do so:

  1. GoFundMe: We're so grateful for Rachel McMichael who started this account! You can hear more about our story at this link as well.

  2. Venmo: ali__christian (fee free, yay!)


  4. The Time Management Course is available for all moms who are desperate to learn how to create a life in which they can be both present AND productive, even among the chaos. You can register here and get started today!

  5. Meal Train: Donating a gift card if not local, signing up for a meal if local

  6. Our Amazon Wish List, with our current needs (& some wants for those who have asked me to share those too)

  7. Ali’s T-shirt fundraiser:

    A dear friend & colleague started a t-shirt fundraiser for us.

    “The Victory is Already Won is inspired by my friend Ali’s story with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  Her faith filled journey led me to this tee so every proceed for this tee will go straight to Ali to help fund her medical procedures to win this battle with cancer.”

    You can see & order the adorable tee below!

Here is the adorable tee!

To order, simply click the picture… Thank you for you support!