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Here you'll find all 4 videos {yep, I threw in a BONUS video} as well as your workbook {in case you hate clicking all over the interwebs just to learn a thing or two like me}. Everything you need to complete this mini course is on this page, in one place {type a's rejoice!}. Oh and finally, you can reach out to me with any questions you have, at anytime, by clicking on this link. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!


Here are a few items to note to ensure you get the most out of this free mini course:

  • After downloading your workbook, be sure to save it to your computer. Filling out the workbook online will result in all of your amazing brainstorming to be deleted unless it’s saved to your computer. 
  • The best part about this mini course is the videos are short and sweet, the workbook is amazeballs, and you can reach out to me with ANY questions you have along the way! 
  • The first video in this series is the longest, but the others are about 5 minutes or less. {I just wanted to make sure you felt SUPER welcome here! 

Now, let’s dive in!

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Day 1

All I wanted to do was spend time with the people I loved and still run a successful business, but I felt so much pressure to be everything to everyone and in all places at once, it was so stressful! But the entrepreneurial freedom I sought finally became a reality when I developed a mind-blowing, three-step strategy for creating content that allows me to be present with my family, do the things I love {when I want}, and still grow a successful business. 

Within this video you are going to learn the very first step for mastering content creation in your business. No more frustrated husband and kids vying for your attention, guilt about not being able to join friends or family because you have to “be present” online, or exhaustion from spinning your wheels. 

Day 2

If you’re:

  • Confused about how to be consistent in sharing your mission without being on social media all the time
  • Convinced you have to be on social media 24/7 in order to be present
  • Unsure how to create different content for various social media platforms, without spending every second on your computer
  • Unsure how to stay “present” in the online world without ignoring your precious friends and family right in front of you
  • Overwhelmed by the thought of creating content for more than one platform...

This one’s for you sister.

You started an online business to have more freedom and flexibility in your life, right? But how do you achieve this work-at-home “freedom” everyone speaks of while remaining present and relevant in the online world? I have a very simple system I use that I’m about to share and rock your world!

Today's video contains the secret weapon strategy in my business that allows my family to have tech-free, spontaneous play dates with friends, lunch dates, and even beach vacations, without worry about being present online or fear that my business will remain at a stand-still while I’m away from my phone and computer. Now, open up your workbook, hit play, and prepare for the guesswork and overwhelm to dissolve. 

Day 3

We've already learned an amazing time-saving strategy for creating content that actually converts, but do you want to save even more time? Who doesn't?

Too often I hear “My husband hates how much I’m on my phone” or “I hate being on my phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night, trying to catch my ideal client!” And trust me friend, I’ve been there. I hated feeling like I needed to come up with the perfect post at 6am and then again at 9pm and allowing my business to interfere with precious time that should’ve been spent with my family. 

After allowing technology to interfere with family time for too long, I found a solution that allowed me to run my business and household successfully, simultaneously {say that 3xs fast}. Whip out your handy-dandy workbook and watch this video to learn how to do the same and start living in that true entrepreneurial freedom! See you below sister.

Bonus: Now, To Make the sale...

Surprise! I have a BONUS video for you! Now that I've taught you how to create content that will start converting like crazy, I want to help you actually make the sale. What's the point in creating content that drives people to be interested in your services if you can't actually close the deal? In this bonus video I am sharing my secret to consistently landing sales. Are you sick of feeling salesey? Not sure how to be successful without the pitch? Go ahead and hit "play" on today's video to learn my secret to landing sales, in a way that makes everyone feel good. Today’s to-do’s don’t require you to use your workbook. Instead, you have a little extra time to pray over your business once you’re finished watching if you so choose! 

In this video I reference two ways to grow your business: The Network Marketing Business Boost Course and the Proverbs 31 Mastermind.

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Congratulations on completing the “Mastering Content Creation” Mini Course! 

I pray that this video series was extremely valuable to you and ultimately allows you more freedom, joy, and structure in your business. If you’re saying to yourself, “Ali, this course has been helpful, but I’m still feeling overwhelmed in my business.” Don't worry, I’ve got you sister. 

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