Business Boost Bundles

"Business Boost Bundles" are available to entrepreneurs who are in need of a crash course or resource in any of the following topics.


Unless otherwise marked, these adorable little packages include:

  • Audio training {kind of like taking a college course, except you don't have to get dressed to attend}
  • Beautifully designed workbook to help you MASTER the topic of your choice {seriously, you will come out a master of the topic(s) you purchase}
  • Email support to answer your questions about the audio training or workbook {because we all need real support from time to time}

Upon purchasing a bundle, you'll immediately receive your workbook {as in, the second you click "submit" on PayPal} and your audio training will be sent shortly after via email so you can dive in right away! 

Biz bundle TM workbook.jpg

Becoming A Time Management Expert

The most life-changing audio training and workbook you'll ever complete. Seriously, ever. This topic is vital to all other aspects of your business and has helped numerous women organize their time to create a booming business without losing their social lives {or minds}. If you're a little afraid that you may actually look back on your life and see a stressed out entrepreneur who constantly snapped at her husband and kiddos because of her inability to manage her time well, don't worry, there is hope. I am going to walk you through an intensive study on time management that will enable you to be intentional with your time and truly be the best version of yourself that you can be to those around you, every single day.

"The Time Management Module was LIFE CHANGING!! My husband is so much happier because he used to come home and be burdened with laundry and dinner making... it's now done and put away, planned and made, AND business is done!” Christine Glodt, Business Owner

Build a Beautiful Brand

Branding represents all that your business encompasses. Your branding
is determined by the message and feeling you give your audience. Everything you do or
don’t do, say or don’t say makes an impact on your brand, whether you realize it or not.
Branding will also help you close the gap between your perceived credibility and your actual
credibility. This bundle will ensure your brand is ready to close the deal with all of your ideal clients!


A few of the bomb-diggity items we cover in this bundle:

1. Develop a to-die-for beautiful, visual brand {font, logo, photos, colors- all the things!}

2. Create a consistent & flawless brand message, leverage proper channels to increase sales, & eliminate brand noise to get laser-focused on your goals

3. Step by step instructions for building a brand that has your ideal client begging to buy your programs and products

4. Understand and analyze the feedback you receive about your brand {so you can transform the silence into raving fans}

Week 2, Creating your brand.jpg

Copy of Week 3, social media.jpg

Mastering Social Media

Stop scrambling to come up with "the perfect" post each morning and night! Learn how to stay visible on social media without being on your phone 24/7, work less and earn more & create non-spammy promotions that actually land you customers. 

Social media is as an online business card. This module is all about leveraging social media to grow your business
in a way that feels good, allows you to stand out, and grows your network!


Content Creation {Creating Effective Facebook & IG posts, blogs, and more}

Learn my strategy for creating content that converts social media followers into paying customers, saves you hours each week and prevents you from spending SO much time on social media! 

Planning ahead is one of the most vital steps to running a successful business. You cannot run a successful business by developing goals on a whim and then trying to share related content frantically. By now you recognize that being present on social media isn't exactly a piece of cake. It takes strategy and quite a bit of time to make this process happen. Within this module we are going to make sure that you are set up for success & ready to reach your goals as a result of careful planning.

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Copy of Week 7- Email List.jpg

Build Your Email List

  • Tired of constantly being on social media in attempts to grow your online business?  
  • Want to stop spamming your friends and social media followers?
  • Need someone to walk you through growing your email list step by step?
  • Sick of focusing your time & energy on leads who ultimately turn you down? 
  • Dying to work less and earn more?
  • Hoping to stand out among others in your field?

You need two things:

1. An email list

2. This business bundle!

Purchase below and get rollin' sister!

Land the sale consistently! 

You've taken the time to get all of your systems in place, network with ideal potential clients, and possibly even paid for a fancy website. But even with all of your ducks in a row, you still can't land the sale, huh?

This intensive training is for you. We'll cover everything you need to know about confidently closing the sale with new clients, from pricing with conviction to developing a system that allows clients to purchase your products/services while you're at the grocery store. Oh, and I'm even giving you the exact steps I follow on sales calls that {almost} never fails!

Copy of Week 8- clients.jpg

biz bundle ideal client packet.jpg

A Firm Foundation: A Goal setting & Ideal Client Workbook

Not sure why your social media posts aren't receiving much love? Wasting your time networking with others who ultimately turn your sale down? Struggling to consistently make and reach goals that excite you + empower you to live the life God has called you to?

If you are unclear about your goals + who you serve, everything you do to grow your business will be in vain. Stop creating social media posts, programs, and even emailing potential clients back and forth immediately, until you've discovered who your ideal client is and set your goals into motion through this training.

Before you blame your lack of marketing skills, networking game or even motivation and determination, stop and ask yourself: Am I crystal clear about who I serve and why? We're not talking "A busy mom who wants to get fit so she can practice better self-care" type of clear. We're talking: Can you finish her sentences? Do you know what keeps her awake at night? What is her biggest pain point in her life?

In addition to knowing your ideal clients like the back of your hand, have you created laser-focused goals that will allow you to live the life you're called to? If you're frustrated about consistently failing to reach your goals each month, this one is for you sister. Before taking one more step in your business you need to complete this workbook to create a crystal clear plan that includes who you're truly serving in your business + exactly what you need to truly reach your goals consistently.