6 Reasons Why Your MLM Business is Failing


I'm going to try and make this short and sweet, although it may not come across as ‘sweet’. This might be really hard for you to hear, but I promise I'm always coming from a place of love- tough love- in order to help you grow your business. I want to preface this blog with a blanket statement: If you're struggling in your network marketing company, more than likely you are simply not using the proper marketing strategies. I also want to preface the following with this: I joined a MLM company less than three weeks ago and have ranked up twice within those three weeks. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking I am looking from the outside in at network marketing; As a sole proprietor. I do own a business I’ve built from the ground up, but I know the MLM struggle can be real {from previous experience} and I am here to help. I have spoken with one too many struggling network marketers lately and here are the 6 trends I’m seeing that are causing failed attempts at network marketing:

1. Your marketing is sub-par

Posting your before and afters. Posting stock photos. Sharing the company name in social media posts. In people's faces about product and opportunity. Sound familiar? While these strategies are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, these are the strategies the majority of MLM’s are using and if we’re honest, if you’re using the same strategies as everybody else, how will you stand out? I know from personal experience {and how I train my team} there are proven marketing strategies that work without ever spamming, feeling salesy & icky, or even mentioning the company name.

{Side note: Maybe you don't ever mention your company's name but you are in an oversaturated business. This will make it extremely difficult to reach potential customers who have never heard of your company (aka. High completion rate). If you’re in an oversaturated marketplace I would urge you to reconsider the business you’re in & find a MLM that has ground-level opportunity, meaning it’s within the first five years of business}.


2. You’re offending friends and family

People can sniff spammy marketing strategies a mile away at this point in the game, especially if you’re working within an oversaturated marketplace. If your friends and family know what you do, they may be hesitant to even bring up your “side hustle” or full time job for fear that you’re going to try and sell to them {again}. If your friends and family can’t truly benefit from your product or MLM opportunity, back off. It’s not worth losing a relationship with a loved one. If they’re a good friend, they’ll know what you do and will come to you if and when they’re in need. {Side note: if your friends and family are the sole supporters of your business, you are more than likely in the wrong business. You must be able to sell to more than people who love you no matter what you do.}

3. You don't believe in the product or opportunity you're selling

I know you may be thinking, “What do you mean? Of course I believe in the products I'm selling!” But here are some questions to ask yourself before jumping to that conclusion:

  1. Do you use the product yourself?

  2. Do  you use the product regularly?

  3. Have you truly seen amazing results?

  4. Does your family benefit from this product and/or opportunity?

  5. Do you feel good about the price? As in, is this something that you personally would invest in if you weren’t a marketer for the product?

If you answered ‘no’ to most of these questions, I’ll just tell it to you straight: You're might as well close the doors today. You’ll never be able to sell something you don’t believe in.


4. You’re afraid to sell

I hate using the word ‘sell’ because it is such a naughty word in the marketing world & makes people want to run. However, it's never wrong to sell when you're doing it correctly. Unsure about what the ‘correct’ way to sell is? Here’s the bottom line: Remember when you sell a product or sign a new person to your team, it's not just a win for you, it's a win for your new customer or team member. When you're focused on changing other people's lives and seeing those sales as wins for other people instead of for yourself, then you're ready to sell. Those potential clients on your ‘Contact List’ are not dumb. People know when you’re simply trying to sell. But they also can sense when you have a genuine concern for them and want to provide a solution to their pain point. As Proverbs 31 Entrepreneurs we are serving others in our businesses. That doesn't mean that we're not earning significant income or making sales {earning money is biblical}, but we are running these successful businesses to ultimately serve others through the gifts of service and income.


5. You don't understand how your network marketing company works

I cannot tell you how many times I hear one of my personally sponsored team members say “Oh my goodness, this company’s compensation plan is so simple! My last MLM partnership was so confusing. I didn’t know who to put on which leg, how to earn, or even how to rank up!” Pause and reflect on that statement.

Now, network marketing is confusing, and it’s meant to be that way so you don’t get rich too quickly {I’m half kidding}, but if your company is for you, you will earn quickly and easily. However, if your company is more interested in keeping your hard earned money, they are not for you and your MLM journey may be extremely difficult and frustrating. I'm not a huge fan of numbers, but I know that numbers are a great incentive for building a business so make sure that you understand the ins-and-outs of your business. {Side note: People are not going to want to join your team if you don't understand how your company is run. If you can't tell them what they can earn, how quickly, or how much work it will require, you're not going to be able to help them and therefore, you're not going to build your team.

6. Your upline isn't in it to win it

First, let me say, your upline may be a fabulous person. But, she may not be what you need to learn how to grow a successful business. She may be in it to help her family and earn money, but if she's not in it to truly grow her team spiritually, financially, etc. guess who’s going to suffer? I have heard so many horror stories of uplines who have not taught their team how to truly be successful or provided sufficient training. If this is your situation, chances for your success are slim.

I need to give my network marketing team a shout out because they are phenomenal at facilitating trainings that truly provide our ladies every chance to be successful through teaching high-level business strategy to stand out and actually make sales. Every single person who has joined my team has said something along the lines of, “I cannot believe how much training there is! You are literally giving me the answers to success.” Sister, I don't say this to brag on my team. I say this because you need to make sure that your upline provides outstanding training that is ‘above the rest.’


I know these are real issues in network marketing,but you are not alone in your struggle. I want to encourage you with this: There are marketing strategies that work for every MLM. There are ways to eliminate the 6 struggles I listed above. There are uplines that truly care about the wellbeing of their team. The network marketing struggle is  real, but it’s not impossible to be successful, I promise. If you’re frustrated about not seeing sales in your network marketing company, schedule a call with me. I want to hear your struggles, provide strategy & advice, and help you determine the next best steps for you in your network marketing business.


P.S. Yesterday two ladies from my team messaged me in excitement about my sales strategy actually working for them. The first one said: “Oh my goodness! I cannot believe these strategies that you're teaching me are actually working! Who would’ve thought?!” The second {who started her business last week said: “I just got my first customer! I'm not being spammy, I am not feeling icky, and I’m actually having success with sales!”


I know network marketing and I know the struggle is fierce. But I also know killer marketing strategy and elite uplines make all the difference. Schedule your call today and let’s chat about eliminating your struggle for good.

Ali Christian