How To: Business and Vacation

I want to preface this blog with this: What I’m about to say may come off as boastful, but I promise, this email does not come from a boastful heart. My intention is not to brag about my success, but to give God complete credit. I desire to help you understand how you can be fully present with your family while enjoying the blessings He’s given you, whether that be taking a vacation, the opportunity to stay home with your kiddos, or attending your child’s school event.

God has allowed our family to travel on three different vacations this year so far. They were each absolutely amazing, between seeing friends, gorgeous beaches, and taking a getaway just my husband and I. God has also been faithful in providing me more success in my business than I had faith to believe I could receive. I truly don’t deserve the blessings He’s showered on me, but He promises to bless us if we have a heart of faith and dependence on Him.

Now, although I am extremely grateful for family vacations and business success, they don’t always mix well. In fact, if executed improperly, they can essentially murder each other {I’ve been there, it’s not pretty}. But don’t worry, there is hope {isn’t there always?} thanks to one of my all-time favorite words: Automation.

While we were on vacation I still had money rolling into my bank account, content was sent out, people were scheduling consultations, clients were registering for my programs & purchasing my products, and all of my social media accounts were consistently managed. How is it possible that I continued to run my business while unplugged & on vacation? Through automated systems that have almost literally saved my life.

If you feel like you’re constantly on social media {when you don’t even like social media}, tired of trying to throw together a clever post first thing in the morning, or have trouble creating your daily email every single day, automation is what you need. Not only has automation allowed me to have impromptu play dates, multiple family vacations, and peace of mind throughout each day, it’s also allowed me to work less and earn more.

Prior to automating the majority of my content, I drove myself mad trying to keep up with all things business while relaxing with the family. Can I be really transparent for a moment? Last year I refused to invest in automation in my business. I didn’t want to spend anymore on my business than I already had and wasn’t intimidated not knowing how most automation systems worked. We took a beach vacation to the Gulf of Mexico and in order to keep momentum up in my business I had to be on my phone multiple times a day. {Inside secret: I am not a huge fan of having my phone on me at all times and more often than not, I resent social media}. Having to create posts throughout the entire vacation absolutely robbed not only myself of a relaxing vacation, but my family and friends who longed for me to be present with them.

Are you planning on taking a trip this summer? Is your child playing a sport this fall? Do you want to be able to be accept a last minute invite? Automation is what you’ll need to be fully present with your loved ones and live a life of freedom.

Stop and consider, if you left for a spur of the moment vacation tomorrow would you be 100% confident that your business was running full speed ahead on autopilot? If not, schedule a call to learn more about my coaching program that teaches you everything you need to know about working less and earning more through automation, including getting your systems up and running and scheduling content. Cheers to family vacation and automation!  

Ali Christian