Do you look ugly in pink?

Have you ever thought about words as “life-breathing?” For the past year I’ve been focusing on the power of words. I’ve been in awe of the power of words- both for good and evil. I’ve seen words literally light up my husband’s face when I tell him how proud he makes me. And I’ve also seen tears come to his once-brave eyes when I used my words for evil {not my proudest moment}.

True story: Last week my business coach spoke words that transformed my business. She told me she loved my Lite Package and reaffirmed it was totally AMAZING {something I didn’t necessarily doubt, but thrived from hearing affirmation}. She also shared she was certain I was truly following a calling on my life and that my services were extremely valuable. And the real game changer? She told me she thought I undervalued my services, monetarily speaking. And just like that, she breathed life into my business.

Have you ever had someone speak words to you that revealed things about yourself you didn’t even know? Maybe someone mentioned how beautiful you look in pink and you realized you finally found “your” color. Or maybe your husband spoke up about how amazing your cooking was at a party and you left that party realizing you actually may be a pretty decent wife. It’s not that you necessarily thought you looked ugly in pink or were a bad wife, but hearing positive words from someone else boosted your confidence and clarity about yourself that much more. That’s kind of how 1:1 business coaching works.

Total transparency: Pricing my services has always been a struggle for me {kind of like finding “my” color}. I’m always concerned I’m asking too much or being greedy when pricing a service, while simultaneously I tend to undercharge and end up frustrated with the small return I see for so much work. But this is where hiring a 1:1 coach is key and how my 180 happened.

You see, I know what a steal my Lite Coaching Program is {I hop on one-on-one calls with clients, am available 5 days a week via email, assist with the development of pages, programs, sites, etc. and essentially totally spoil my clients by helping them reach their unique goals in their businesses, by allowing them to have exclusive access to me}. I’ve been back and forth about pricing this package at its true value ($3,380) or offering it at an affordable price to my clients, who I truly care about more than money ($399- actual price).

Until last week, I didn’t realize I have truly spent WAY too much time being tugged back and forth with the struggle of pricing and I didn’t even realize it until my coach called me out.

Her words helped me think through pricing and understand that it’s OKAY to follow my gut about the pricing of this program, without feeling guilty. She provided reasons why my price was too low and justified my feelings of frustration for seeing little return for SO much work. She helped me realize I needed to price my services at what they’re WORTH because my clients, family, church, and sense of accomplishment are totally worth it. And that my friends, is why I am SO thankful for the power of a 1:1 coach who knows me and truly cares for my best!

P.S. If you have gut feelings about aspects of your business but are unsure about following them, you need someone to come alongside of you and reaffirm your thoughts or shed truth on the issue. I encourage you to find a 1:1 coach, who truly knows you and cares about your business.

If you need to chat about “gut feelings” I’d love to chat with you, totally free. I know what a game-changer someone speaking wisdom into your business is and how life-breathing words can empower you to “180” in your business. Schedule your free call below! I look forward to chatting.

Sneak Peak: My business coach & I a few weeks after having our babies at almost the exact same time. How amazing to be able to connect with someone who was in the EXACT same spot in life!

Ali Christian