Creating Content That Actually Grows Your Business

Hey lady! Do you feel like you're spending all of your time trying to connect with potential customers on social media? Sick of feeling like your consistency on social media is not paying off? Do you scramble to come up with a witty caption and beautiful picture each day? Wondering how you can be intentional about your monthly goals? 

If you're unsure about whether the content you are putting out is actually driving you closer to your goals or simply wasting time I have a final solution for you: Create a content calendar. 

I am a big fan of efficiency. Therefore, I create all of my content for the month in bulk and then plan exactly when I'll send it out. This ensures all of my content is created with a very specific purpose. All of my content is created based on my goals for that month. Creating and scheduling content in an organized manner will give you a peace of mind and allow you to gain traction in your business. Makes sense, right? 

A content calendar also helps me avoid scrambling for a pretty picture and content to share each day. Plus, I'm less likely to post something totally random and unrelated to my goals. As a bonus, your clients will notice your consistency which will strengthen the "know-like-trust" pattern. 

When I create my content calendar, I play some wordless music, brew a hot cup of tea, and have my monthly {or annual} goals in a visible place. I write out all of my content on Google Docs and then transfer it to an automated system that posts my content in the platform of my choice. 

If you need help creating a content calendar, grab your 5 Steps to Creating A Successful Content Calendar while it's on sale this month. Maybe you want to reach a revenue goal for the month or increase sales in your business? If you need even more support in learning how to reach your goals, I would love to talk with you about how I can help you stop spinning your wheels and start seeing results. Schedule a no-pressure call with me to chat about your goals and gain more support for your business. 

Ali Christian