I didn't want to just be "The Beachbody Girl."

Are you partnered with a network marketing company? If so, let’s walk through these questions together:


1.      Have you ever wanted to go deeper with clients than just selling a product? As in really invest in their lives and watch their journey?

2.      Do you feel slightly ashamed to share with people that you partner with a network marketing company?

3.      Are you afraid people will write you off as just another one of those online scammers? {Or even worse, the spammy girl who uses and loses her friends and family.}

4.      Are you truly passionate about what you’re doing or are you selling products to make a few extra dollars?

5.      How much more satisfying would it be to tie together your passion and the products you’re passionate about?

6.      How are you standing out among thousands of others in the same business?

7.      Are you simply selling a product that anyone can take a picture of and post or are you accurately representing your passions and speaking directly to your ideal client?

8.      Do you know more than the average person about your product/service?

9.      Are you willing to go the extra mile for your clients and provide added value?


In case you haven’t noticed, social media is chock full of people who are attempting to do the same thing you are: Sell a product or service through a company they don't own. In today’s over-saturated marketplace, there is only one effective way to break through the noise and reach your potential clients. I’m not talking about putting on clown makeup and taking pictures, plastering them all over the internet, just to get noticed and qualify as “unique.” I’m talking mind-blowing unique business strategy that will ensure you stand out among the thousands of others in the same business.

Now, before you assume I don't get the network marketing struggle, you must know that I am actually a network marketer myself. And if you answered the questions above with great uncertainty, I’ve been there. In 2016 I became a Beachbody coach. I began coaching with great intentions, as most of us do. I wanted to encourage others on their health journeys, live a healthy life to be the best mom, wife & friend I could be, and I wanted to provide another stream of income to our family. But I quickly learned that the network marketing game can be dirty and so can I. I became obsessed with figuring out how to sell the most Shakeology each month and how I could get more people to buy challenge packs. I wanted to achieve Success Club each month and be a 365’er {don’t worry if you don’t know what any of this means, I’m sure your company has prizes and rewards I know nothing about}. I became much less worried about helping others, being a great role model for my community, and contributing to the Christian family income.

I felt so spammy and icky about messaging people I hadn't talked to in years. Can I be totally transparent? I secretly hoped they would be in the midst of an identity crisis, looking for a great workout program to “save” them so I could make a buck. How sad, right? As a result, I became ashamed to talk to my family and friends about being a Beachbody coach and essentially stopped talking about what I did all day, every day altogether. That is until I realized I had a decision to make: Was I going to live under the shame of spammy marketing strategies forever or was I going to invest in my business to learn how I could avoid offending my loved ones and start behaving like a professional. {Spoiler alert: I chose number 2}. I invested in a business coach {yes only as a Beachbody coach} to learn how to really get my business up and running, stand out, and start reaching my goals without using and losing friends and family.

You're probably hanging onto every word, wondering where the hope for becoming a successful network marketing comes in. Here it is on a silver platter: After hating where I was at in my business and how I felt, I created a brand that was completely centered around my passions that actually excited me. Creating a brand is just like starting your own business. However, instead of creating my own products {no one wants to see me in a cardio workout DVD}, I leveraged the product created by Beachbody to sell through my brand. Let me break it down for you: You attract a certain type of client {one that you LOVE working with}, develop programs that serve your ideal client's needs, and then put the cherry on top of this pretty little package you’ve created with products from your network marketing company that your clients need.

If you're a little lost, don't worry. The concept of developing a brand can be so mind-blowing, many of my clients need it explained in multiple different ways at first. Let me give you a personal example: I was the "Beachbody girl" to everyone I knew. I didn't want to be known as the "Beachbody girl" anymore. I wanted to be seen as a health and wellness advocate, instead of being represented by a company that had become notorious for spamming. I hired a business coach to help me develop my own brand that was centered around MY personal beliefs, passions, goals, etc. I created a brand called Fit For Motherhood {yes, pun intended} that completely encompassed my passion for being a healthy mom and helping other mommas get better at their jobs by becoming healthier. I am extremely passionate about two things when it comes to fitness: 1. Showing women that eating healthy and working out does not need to take an insane amount of time 2. Your relationship with God plays a HUGE role in your health. So... my brand is completely centered around educating women about these two things.

I know you're itching to ask about the "m" word {money}, don't worry I'm getting there. I created my own cookbook and meal planning guide to help mommas understand how easy, frugal and quick a healthy lifestyle can actually be. I sell these products when a new round of my program begins and the cash flows into my bank account. In fact, even if someone doesn't register for my program they can still buy these two products I've created. {I recently sold these products at a women's conference I spoke at as well}.

This is where the money & Beachbody comes in. As I mentioned before, no one wants to see me, blown up on their flat screen, a sweaty, heavy-breathing mess from doing cardio {y'all are lucky Beachbody hasn't offered me enough money yet to be in their workout videos}. Why would I spend time creating meal plans, products, workout videos, etc. that have already been created extremely well anyway? Within my program I include my cookbook, meal planning guide, 1:1 fitness coaching, a community for accountability, a workout program based on individual clients’ needs {sometimes I choose a program I love and know others will enjoy as well and create a program based on this program, but many times it's more effective to allow others to choose their own program based on interest}, a 30-day supply of Shakeology, and then some.

To break it down even more, I created my programs specifically for my ideal client, using a combination of professionally designed workout programs and supplements as well as my own products I created based on my clients needs. I developed my programs based on struggles I saw from my clients, through simply selling Beachbody products; although my clients had the accountability, workout, and meal plans that worked seamlessly for their lifestyles, they were in need of more healthy recipes {which Beachbody did not provide directly in their products}. I saw this as an opportunity to serve my clients in a deeper way, beyond just selling a product, so I created an e-cookbook, chock full of clean eating recipes. My clients loved it, it expanded my brand awareness, and I didn’t have to start from the ground up to meet all of my clients needs as I leveraged Beachbody.

What could expanding into your own brand, leveraging your network marketing company’s products look like for you? If you have no idea where to begin, but are hoping to serve your clients beyond simply selling a product {which usually stops after a few months of sales} I would absolutely love to talk with you. Schedule a complimentary call to brainstorm about how you can expand from the sales girl to the business owner.


If you're all ready to take off with your own brand, here are a few tips:

1.      Be sure to brand properly, it can be difficult to re-brand. Whether you know it or not, you are branding yourself all the time. The photos you post, what you say, what you don’t say, the programs you're creating, how you're promoting, the content you're putting out {e-books, posters, etc.}, and more.

2.      Think about how you want to brand yourself and be consistent.

3.      Be patient as you figure out what you like and what attracts your ideal clients as well.


Now that you've almost finished your free Branding 101 Course {I kid, this is not a course, but there is a course. Sign up for it.}, ask yourself which category you're in, then take my free advice and schedule a complimentary call with me to chat about standing out in your business.

Category 1: You don't have a brand yet but desperately want to stand out and stop being known as the "__ girl."

Let’s chat about building you a beautiful brand that utilizes the products you love, but allows you to truly represent who you are, instead of “the Beachbody coach” or “Rodan and Fields girl," {fill in the blank}. I would be more than happy to provide you an exact blueprint for building your brand. Let’s get you up and running girl!


Category 2: You already have a brand, but are in need of help with proper branding or creating programs, ebooks, and other materials that are on brand.

I would love to help you develop programs that you're passionate about and that actually earn you the money you're longing to see. I do create e-books, business cards, websites, and more that represent your brand 99% accurately {nobody’s perfect, right?}. Let's schedule a call to talk about how you can own a successful brand, brand successfully, reach your goals, and fall in love with what you do!


Category 3: You're ready to take off with your own brand but need a little help along the way.

To be sure you're properly branding yourself, you're clear about what branding is, what it should look like, and more schedule a complimentary call with me. I’ll share exactly what you need to be doing {and not doing} with your time as a business owner and provide advice on how you can build the brand of your dreams that earns consistent income, allows you to stop spinning your wheels, and equips you to work less and earn more!

Ali Christian