"I Can't Believe I Forgot To Do That!"

You are dying for everyone to buy your product or sign up for your program. But what happens when someone does actually agree to invest in you? Is it a mad scramble to finally finish your program or to figure out how to send links for purchase? If you don’t have systems in place that allow you peace of mind in your business, you need them ASAP. Now, before you get freaked out by the term “ system,” know that a system is exactly as it sounds: Steps you’ve created, prior to an action a client could take, that allows you to know exactly what to do when “x” happens. Essentially, a system is a blueprint for each action a client can take in your business.

One of the most important systems you must have in place in order to be successful is a sales system. However, there should be systems in place for more than just a sale. Think through the systems you need to put in place today that will allow you to have peace of mind when a potential client reaches out to you. Here are some events you need to consider putting a system in place for:

  1. A potential client is interested in a product/service. How will you close the sale?

  2. What about when someone wants to chat with you about your product or services? Do you freak out and think, “Someone really wants to talk with ME? What do I do now?!” Or do you confidently say to yourself, “Yay! I have a system in place and am ready to chat at their convenience.”

  3. A potential client signs up for your freebie. What happens next?

  4. What do you do at the end of each month? Do you need to check your finances? Plan next month’s content? Analyze engagement on social?

  5. Your day off or vacation time (Automated systems are key! See this blog on automation)

What other events need systems in place in order to provide you peace of mind?

If business systems are a serious struggle for you, stop and answer this question before you declare yourself an unqualified entrepreneur: What kind of systems do you implement in your home or lifestyle that allow you freedom and peace of mind? In every single one of my business coaching programs, prior to diving into any business strategy, all of my clients must complete an orientation packet primarily focused on systems within their homes. Why? Believe it or not, your lifestyle directly affects the success of your business. If your laundry baskets are continuously overflowing and the dishes in the sink are washed once a week, this can and will harm your business in more than one way.

Here are three detrimental ways your messy lifestyle can cause your business to fail:

1. Unsuccessful Mindset

When there is clutter in our homes and schedule we feel overwhelmed, insecure, under qualified, in over our heads, etc. Having a successful mindset is truly key to running a thriving business. If you feel successful you will be successful!

2. Added tension

A messy home inhibits you from feeling free to invite people in. In today’s online entrepreneurial endeavor, “inviting someone in” means hopping on a video call or sharing your mission via live video, some of the most vital ways to connect with potential clients. When your home is messy, you will not be readily available for your clients because your environment is not suitable. Be on guard for those potential clients!

3. Wasted Time

Practically speaking, having a cluttered and messy environment equals less time to focus on your business. If you don’t have a plan as to when regular household tasks will be completed, I would encourage you to schedule them. Sporadically deciding to {finally} do the dishes or attempting a quick sweep when a client schedules a call with you will ultimately mean less highly-productive, laser-focused working hours. Have a plan and stick to it so that when your clients schedule a call or you decide to hop on live video, your focus is on your business, not the dirty dishes from last night that are still on the kitchen table.

Creating various systems in my home and business have essentially saved my marriage, friendships, and business. Implementing these systems have brought freedom and peace of mind. If you feel like you’re constantly saying, “Oh that’s right, I need to do that!” Or “Shoot, what do I do now?!” Let’s chat about what systems you could implement in your business and possibly your lifestyle. It may get a little messy, but I promise I won’t leave you stranded. Let’s help you create and implement unique systems in your business that set you up for success, confidence, and a peaceful mind!

Ali Christian