An Honest Review Of The Roomba

The Roomba


If you’re in my Time Management Course, you know I love “hitching” activities together to be more efficient & present. I love ordering Instacart AND going to the playground. Another way I love to hitch is by turning on my robotic Roomba vacuum AND having a nail painting party with my daughters.

A few months ago I was at a friend’s house for lunch. Our kids were super messy at lunch time so I offered to vacuum for her. She got out her vacuum for me & I cleaned up.

Once I was done I mentioned how much I liked her vacuum, especially compared to mine. It wasn’t much of a comparison, as mine was straight up from the 2000’s with the bulky, dusty, messy bags & super loud whirring sound, so naturally I fell in love with hers when I used the thing.

Hers was one of those top of the line, light weight, easy to get in small spaces vacuum. As we chatted she warned me that if I was going to look into getting that vacuum I should look during Black Friday because it was so expensive ($300+). I was floored at that price, but was also newly convinced I needed to toss my 2001 vacuum that started to make friends with dust bunnies instead of destroying them as he should’ve, & find a new vacuum.

I went home that night, raving about Ashley’s vacuum and (naturally) told my husband I would love a new vacuum. He agreed and as I normally do when looking for the perfect new item, I researched (posing a discussion about your favorite vacuum on Facebook counts as research, right?)

The next night Ben and I started looking for vacuums and immediately the robotic vacuums stood out to us. We looked at each other with big grins and knew by the look on each other’s faces that we were moving up in the vacuum world. We did some more research and realized that a robotic vacuum (The Roomba) was cheaper than the top of the line, slightly heavy & manual vacuum I had just used at my friends.

We decided for the price, the reviews (from our friends on Facebook), the amount of time we’ll save and (honestly for the thrill) we would try out the Roomba (We of course purchased via Amazon Prime to ensure we had a 30-day money back guarantee).

When it arrived it was a super easy setup. I immediately pressed the button & it began cleaning my dirty floors & leaving beautiful lines in my carpet that I’ve been missing for so long (insert happy, loud, dramatic tears). I truly felt like I was in a sci-fi movie.

This is hands down my favorite electronic/appliance/tool- whatever you want to call it- in my home. I would {consider} trading my cell phone in for it! With two under four, we have a lot of messes. I used to sweep/vacuum everyday so the messes we made didn’t travel & get smooshed into our carpet, clothes, or worse. Now, after a super messy meal (like the super dry, crumbly muffins we had for breakfast the other day #momfail) we can press one button and Riley the Roomba will clean up the entire room within 15 minutes while we’re off doing who knows what!

Having a Roomba is truly a dream come true & absolutely worth the investment! This is the link to the Roomba we bought. It’s the perfect price & size for us, not the most expensive, but not the smallest model either.

Ali ChristianComment