There's A Right Way To Pray In Your Business?

Have you ever stopped and prayed about your business? Not a “please help me land this big client” kind of prayer, but a heartfelt conversation with God about what you’re doing with your life kind of prayer? God has made all the difference in my business {as He has in the rest of my life} and talking with Him always brings me clarity and peace.

I encourage you to take some time to pray about what God wants you to do with your business. Here are some tough questions to consider before praying:

  1. Why are you in the business you’re in?
  2. Do you truly want to help others or is it for the money?
  3. Is running a business helpful or harmful in your home?
  4. Does your husband or family support and encourage you in your business or is it a point of tension in your marriage?
  5. What is the purpose and mission of your business?

Remember friends, we can run a highly successful business for God’s glory. Allow Him to take the wheel and be at the center of ALL of your decisions. Don’t use Him as a crutch or to gain more followers.

While we can, of course, pray to God about whatever we want, the Bible is really clear about having a certain attitude in prayer. There are ways you should and should NOT being using prayer in your business. Total transparency: I used to use prayer in a way that way completely disgraceful. I used prayer {and essentially God} in hopes of becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Prayer will be the most powerful tool you have in your business. Prayer is even more powerful than live video, networking, and showing up consistently for your followers. How awesome is it that we have the Creator of the universe on speed dial? Check out this video to learn how to utilize prayer in your business in a way that will build your relationship with God and provide you true freedom and satisfaction as an entrepreneur. 

Do's and don'ts of prayer in your business.
Ali Christian