A Poo Story

The other morning in between sending emails and creating content, my daughter handed me a piece of poop. Yep, poop. Thankfully, it was only frozen rabbit poop from the great outdoors #phew. I get the mompreneur struggle. It’s real and it’s hard. I’ve experienced frustration, anxiety & overwhelm from the uncertainty of whether I’ll be able to complete anything on my to-do list before 2037. Not to mention the mom-guilt from being torn between two loves- business and babies. {Our babies will always win, but some days it’s hard to believe the best in ourselves, isn't it?}

I remember this overwhelm all too well. My saving grace was committing to invest and work with a one-on-one coach who helped me develop a simple schedule, provided an invaluable blueprint of exactly what I needed to be doing each day, and how to do it all while running a household. Through working with someone who once was in the same exact position, I’ve learned that it’s okay to have it together most days and gracefully embrace the not-so-together days. I’ve learned that sometimes we feel the {hard-core} mom guilt because we simply don't know how to prioritize our time between babies and business.

We feel frazzled from the pressure we put on ourselves to complete our business to-do's in a small allotment of time {a.k.a. nap time}, while networking, building a website, or actually scheduling sales calls with clients seem like tasks that won't be done until the kids are in college. I know the overwhelm and the guilt. I've been on the brink of giving up and thinking the whole business + babies is all just too much.

That's why I've created the Lite Package specifically for busy entrepreneurs who need someone to come alongside them, teach them exactly how to spend their time and the necessary steps to take to reach their goals! The Lite Package offers you the very essentials needed to help you build your business successfully step-by-step and ensure peace of mind that you are being all that your family needs + growing your business. And yes, it's definitely in the budget. Keep reading...


Here’s the scoop on the Lite Package:

This program is all about completely individualized attention in order that you receive the best support and answers for your unique questions, goals, and struggles. You'll also receive:

  • Bi-weekly one-on-one strategy calls that are laser focused and key for eliminating your on-going struggles

  • Unlimited email access to ask ANY questions that come up throughout the week

  • Direct assistance with exactly what you're working on

  • I will personally offer reviews, tips, and editing suggestions to new programs or sites you develop to provide you a professional, honest opinion

  • A private mastermind community of like-minded female entrepreneurs, complete with regular Q & A to pick my brain, invaluable strategy shared daily to help you reach your business goals, implementation, network with powerful business women, and much more!

Get the full details on how the Lite Package will truly ignite your business, provide you an exact blueprint, and leave you feeling laser-focused as a entrepreneur.

Ali Christian