The Top 4 Mistakes I See Network Marketers Make

Feel A Tiny Bit Of Shame As A Network Marketer? Don't!

Network marketers receive a bad name because of the spammy marketing tactics their uplines and CEO's are  encouraging them to use. However, it is possible to be different & successful.

Want to know how to grow your network marketing company without feeling yucky, spammy, and losing your friends? Early on in my network marketing business I made some seriously embarrassing mistakes. Mistakes that make me cringe when I think about them and want to send flowers as a peace offering to the people I affected by these mistakes. 

In 2016 I joined a network marketing company with dreams of staying home with my children, adding an income to our household, and building a booming business. The upline I joined with made growing a client database and downline seem so easy. But after 5 months, I realized it was tough work! I was consistently using every strategy that my upline and CEO threw at me but saw very little return. And on top of that I was implementing marketing strategies that felt so icky and wrong to me. I sensed I was starting to use and lose friends as I tried to reach my goals. I knew I needed to invest to see a return. And deep down I knew I was refusing to take a leap of faith that would allow me to finally be successful. 

After much prayer {and hesitation}, I invested in a business coach who was passionate about helping women build successful businesses in an honest & righteous way that maintained everyone's integrity. I am so thankful I listened to the Spirit, telling me to invest, because although I was seeing very little income, I knew deep down I needed a coach I trusted who would teach me exactly how to be successful in a way that honored my conscience. 

Do you know deep down what your next business steps SHOULD be? Is God putting a clear calling on your heart? Are you trusting in Him to bring you through this mission He's started you on? If you know the next steps in your business should be investing in a business coach I have the perfect course, specifically designed for you as a network marketer! Are you feeling spammy and yucky in your business? Watch this video to learn the top 4 mistakes I see network marketers make and how to develop a business that sets you apart, allows you to work less + earn more, and see significant income {without using your friends}.

Want to win more clients and actually hit your monthly revenue goals? Let's set you apart from other network marketers, even in the same business. Schedule a free, no-pressure call to see if the Network Marketing Business Boost Course is the right fit for you! My promise to you is that I'll always be upfront and honest. If the course is not the right fit for you, I'll be very clear and provide the best support I can!

Ali Christian