Momma, ditch the mom guilt.

Babies and business. Is there any combination of words that can induce stress quicker than "babies and business?" Are you trying to raise your babies and business simultaneously? On a scale of 1-10, being completely honest with yourself, how is this combination working out for you? 

If you've mastered the art of "babies and business," congrats. This blog is not relevant to your life. Go ahead and scroll to my next blog. But if you're somewhere in between a mental breakdown and poo on your clothes right before a new client consultation, I'm here to help. 

Stop and answer these questions honestly:

1. If you could choose your business or your babies, which would you choose? {I know you chose your babies, so congrats you passed the "good mom test." I ask this question first so we can begin by reminding you that you are indeed a great mother.}

2. Do you have a good balance of business and babies in your schedule?

3. Are you struggling to understand what a normal day should look like as a mompreneur?

4. What is your idea of the perfect Proverbs 31 wife and mother?

These questions are just a warm up before we dive in. Now that your mom brain has {hopefully} warmed up, let's chat about raising babies and a business guilt free.


Mom guilt can arise from lack of understanding about how to balance "it all." If you're unsure about how to develop a true balance in your schedule, that allows you to put family first, I love to chat all things mompreneur. Schedule a call with me below to gain clarity in your business routine, develop a healthy balance of business and babies, and even exchange mompreneur disaster stories. Can't wait to chat!

Ali Christian