Being A "Little Old You" Entrepreneur

If you could trade places with any female entrepreneur who would it be? A friend who's network marketing business is booming? A woman who is consistently reaching her business goals? The mom who can take her kids on multiple vacations each year? There are so many women that inspire me and push me to continue reaching my goals. Without inspiration we'd be a pretty sad bunch, am I right? But we need to be careful not to confuse inspiration with idolization. Are you idolizing what other female entrepreneurs have? Are you constantly comparing yourself to those who appear to be more successful than you? Have you stopped to think how this is affecting your family? Your children? Your friendships? Your business? 

If you struggle with the comparison game I am speaking directly to you today. I know the pain of comparing yourself to other women who are so inspiring. They're so beautiful. They're so successful. They've cracked the code on the perfect balance of raising a family and growing a business. And you... You are so.... You.

Before you tune out of another "You're Perfect In Every Way" pep talk, know that this is not a pep talk. I'm not here to boost your ego. I'm not about to tell you all that ways that you can be just like these other women. What I am about to tell you is that you were created uniquely, to be unique, in order that God can use "little old you" for His awesome glory. Let's dive into becoming unapologetically you in a business world that pushes you to desire so much of what the other "lady boss" has. 


Sometimes feeling insecure in your business is a result of being unsure about how to run a business successfully. If you feel like you're spinning your wheels, spamming friends and family to reach goals, are confused about how to actually reach goals you set & more, schedule a complimentary coaching call with me below. I'd love to chat through your struggles, next steps, and encourage you to be unapologetically you in your business.

P.S. The most valuable lesson I've learned in the comparison game, as a result of truly getting to know those women who seem to have it all together, is that none of us have it all together. Social media is misleading along with acrylic nails, children dressed in local boutique clothing, fancy SUVs, vacation photos, and anything else that makes your feelings of insecurity ring in at an all time high. But that's another blog for another time. 

Ali Christian