Kill The Crickets

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with success and excitement? Maybe you received hundreds of likes on your social post. Or maybe you met a financial goal for the month. But how long did your joy last? Was that joy stolen from you when a customer returned a product? How did you respond when a different social post only received 3 or 4 likes? Did you get so low you began to question whether you were following the right calling on your life? Did you struggle to remember your mission and passion? Did you allow yourself to feel like your world was coming crashing down all because of one seemingly low moment?

I know how hard it is to battle self-made lies and defeat in your business. Total transparency: I still struggle to not allow low engagement on social media or a client call not ending in a sale to determine what my business mindset will be, how I'll treat my family for the rest of the day, or to define my abilities as an entrepreneur. 

But friend, you cannot allow what the world would call "failures" to make you see yourself as a failure. You must change your mindset to see "failures" as opportunities to improve and grow. I know how "7th grade" this sounds. "You're not a loser, you're a winner. Pick yourself back up and keep on keeping on." But don't tune me out just yet. I have an invaluable piece of advice about seeing failures as opportunities to grow that will transform your business. 

Instead of moping about a post that didn’t do so hot, what if you analyzed which posts are doing best and which ones not so much? Are you taking time to consider which posts are receiving crickets & asking yourself why one post did better than the other? Is there a topic that is resonating more with your audience that they are asking for more of? Don’t look at your post engagement as a victory or defeat. Instead, understand what you're audience wants more of and give it to them!

Don't see a client returning a product {or never purchasing a product in the first place} as a failure. Instead look at it as an opportunity to better understand and serve your ideal client's needs. Think about why she returned it or rejected your offer. Did you misrepresent the product? Is she simply not willing to invest in your business? Maybe you're able to cross her name off of your "potential client list" and instead spend your time with highly-qualified clients. {How great would it feel to stop being rejected by the wrong people and start working with people who are truly interested in you and your services?} See this as an opportunity for more time to focus on clients who truly love and respect you and your mission.

If you're struggling to see consistent revenue in your business or unsure about how to find clients that will actually be a blessing to you {and not a pain point in your life} I would love to chat with you about how we can help you sell consistently, make significant income while working less, and start seeing "failures" as opportunities. Schedule a call below to chat about how we can knock out the lies that hold you back and help you start living the life you're dreaming of!

Ali Christian