Instagram... Why You Need To Leverage It

If you’re not utilizing Instagram in your business, it’s a must! Utilizing Instagram’s signature feature (the #hashtag) allows you to network with highly qualified leads and other entrepreneurs in your niche better than any other platform. Hashtags are super simple to use and extremely valuable.

I have grown my list of followers by 400+ just in the past 6 months thanks to hashtags, which means I’ve also grown my email list & social media following in other platforms. Here are my top Instagram tips for entrepreneurs.

Make your Instagram a business account

This allows you to easily provide and display contact information about your business + it lets your friends and family know that you will be posting about your business which results in people expecting biz talk, instead of feeling spammed.

Tone up the profile

Be sure to have an up close, professional profile picture, clear and concise introductory statement, link an opt-in or something related to your business that shares lots of value + who you are.

Make your profile public

My following took off when people were able to view my profile before choosing to following me. When your profile is not public, people who visit your IG can only see your text info, not your pictures and therefore are less inclined to feel a connection with you or any desire to follow you. My following increased by 200% when I changed my account settings to public.

The Hashtag

Some people like the hashtag, some don’t. To be frank, most people don’t like the hashtag because more often than not, it’s improperly used. For example, the woman who takes a picture of her sweet baby and tags #baby #cute #adorable #sweet, may seem a little crazy and senseless. People don’t understand why you are using a hashtag and may think it’s simply a trendy idea. However, as entrepreneurs hashtags allow you to network with highly qualified leads and other entrepreneurs in your niche, as well as grow your list and brand awareness more quickly than most strategies on the market. Be sure to utilize specific, relevant hashtags for your business. 

So which hashtags do I use?

It took me a while to figure out which hashtags were truly working for my business and allowing me to connect with the RIGHT people. It takes time to experiment which hashtags reach your highly qualified market, but be patient in exploring. For now, I’m GIVING you the exact hashtags that I use and grow my list with here. Download "Master Instagram, Grow Your Business" e-book for free and learn the exact hashtags I use & more!

Ali Christian