4 Tips to Help You Stop Feeling "Salesy"

Are you sick of feeling salesey? Not sure how to be successful without the pitch? Do you get caught up in having to “sell” either yourself or a product?  Will people like what you have to offer?  What if they don’t purchase from you?  Then what?

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It can be scary to share your story, personal experience with a product or your services and NOT have a client buy from you.  We may take it as a personal rejection.

If you’re like me, you genuinely care about other people and want to help them.  God has specifically laid it on my heart that my business is about helping and not “selling.”  When we change our mindframe and allow God to lead our business, we won’t have that fear of personal rejection because we know we are being obedient to God’s call to serve others.

We all need to make money to support ourselves, but it has been so freeing in my business for God to alter my thinking to being helpful over making a sale.

Here are my top 4 tips to avoid being “salesly”:

  1. Be Helpful - If we transform our minds to being helpful instead of thinking about selling, we will be better able to add value to others’ lives, share with them effectively, and honor God.  

  2. Invest in Others - Building relationships is key.  Get to know someone and what interests them or what problems they have.  If you message someone who you don’t truly know and haven’t invested in otherwise, that can be sinful.  You are simply looking out for YOUR best interest and not the interest of others.  If you don’t know them, do not message them!  That is key in not being spammy!  Remember, not everyone will benefit from the product or service you are selling, but by building a relationship with someone else, you can partner up, and commit to support one another’s business endeavors.

  3. Pray for a Heart to Help - Prayer is so important in your business.  I pray each morning that God would give me a heart to help and not to sell.  Pray before your live videos.  Pray before you post or message a potential client.

  4. Pray for God to Bring the Right People to You - We can go crazy writing sales funnels, sending emails, and messaging people just to get a client.  We need to trust God to bring the right clients to us.  Yes, do the work but through those things, God will bring the right people to you and give you peace about who you are working with.

God wants us to be successful and wants the best for you as your glorify Him in your business.  We need to pray for our hearts to change and mind to shift so our business can truly be what God wants for us.

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Ali Christian