Without this strategy you will never truly be successful

Today I spent time with three other beautiful moms and their sweet children while money was flowing into my bank account thanks to one single business strategy. Every single business owner needs to implement this strategy in order to be successful, hands down. Without this one strategy you'll never see the return or freedom you long for in your business. Hopefully by now you've caught the "Build A Booming Business Webinar" live or watched the replay and you've learned a little bit about this strategy. If not, watch the replay or listen to it today. 

My favorite part of this strategy is that it allows entrepreneurs to work less and earn more. This strategy frees you from trying to find success via posting on social media multiple times a day, spamming people's inboxes, and essentially begging people to buy your product or service. Once I implemented this single technique in my business, I no longer had to spam my friends, family, & social media followers, I had money rolling into my bank account while I was spending time {fully present} with my friends and family, & I had people ASKING to buy my products and services. What is this strategy you ask? A sales funnel. 

If you're a network marketer, direct saleswoman, or small business owner who markets via social media you will continue to flounder despite your persistent efforts to send a personal message to all of your social media friends {asking them to buy your product}, like your page, or whatever you ask them to do. You'll also continue to feel slimy and salesy towards your friends on social media until you implement this highly professional, time saving strategy.

What is a sales funnel you ask? Here's the quick and dirty explanation: A sales funnel is the buying process that business owners lead customers through to show them the value of their product/service. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the goal of the entrepreneur. 

Want to know exactly how to create a sales funnel? 
Here are the exact steps I teach my 1:1 business coaching clients to use that allow them to eliminate the guesswork & overwhelm while trying to get people to actually invest in you:

1. Understand your ideal client and their needs/wants
Who do you serve? What do your clients/potential customers ask of you? What is the most common pain point you hear from your clients? Deeply understanding the needs, demands, and mentality of your ideal client allows you to speak directly to exactly who you want to work with and provide the utmost value to paying {or potentially paying} customers.

2. Create a highly valuable freebie for your ideal client
Provide answers to their problems and deliver these answers for free. This freebie should demonstrate your knowledge, professionalism, and value. If you're in need of someone to create a beautifully designed freebie for you or you need assistance in figuring out which kind of freebie to offer your ideal client, schedule a free consultation with me here.  

3. Share your freebie with your clients via email
This will allow you to grow your email list which is THE most vital piece of information to grow your business. Having an email list allows you to stand out as a professional {instead of spamming Facebook inboxes} & allows you to directly contact the people who are most interested in your business.

If you've watched the Build A Booming Business replay link and read this email but are unsure how to actually implement a sales funnel in your business, we need to talk. A sales funnel is the most important strategy you can possibly implement in your business. You will continue to try and keep your head above water and feel yucky about your marketing strategies until you implement a sales funnel in your business. 

Let's chat about how we can set up a sales funnel in your business that will allow you to work less, earn more, stop feeling yucky about your marketing strategies, allow you to stop spinning your wheels doing tasks that don't actually make a difference in your success, and empower you to start seeing money flow into your bank account while you're out living the life you want!

Schedule a free, pressure-free call with me about how to set up a sales funnel in your business today and start seeing the success you long for!

Ali Christian