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My mission is to simplify the seemingly confusing and frustrating methods of creating a booming business. That's why each week I provide highly valuable business strategy to my clients, followers, and mentees. I share this content through the Proverbs 31 Entrepreneurs group, email, and this blog {fancy meeting you here}. 

Today's topic: Content Creation

Hopefully you are creating and sharing valuable content for your potential clients to learn from you as well as get to know you as an entrepreneur. Whether you have free e-books, a Facebook group, or a Facebook event you should be repurposing the content you share on these forums.

"But how?"

ou thought it was important enough to share the first time, right? Share it again in a slightly different way, using different words, links, etc. Different people will resonate with the same information differently each time. It’s amazing how often I share content I’ve already posted/sent out and it resonates with someone different EVERY time.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: Do NOT spend your entire entrepreneurial existence trying to come up with new content and information to share. Instead make content creation a cycle. If you feel like you are constantly trying to come up with new information to share with your clients, consider repurposing the content you already shared with them and saying it in a different way. Your wisdom and entrepreneurial insight is important and needs to be reiterated many times, in different ways as you lead your clients and followers.

Here are my top two ways to save time and sanity, while I share valuable content with my clients:

1. Reword

Take the same information you already shared and reword it. For example, if you share on Facebook about the value of Lavender oil, on the 26th of February, and many followers benefit from/resonate with the post, re-share very similar content about Lavender on the 26th of March with different wording. Simply put: Be sure to recognize which content is most helpful to your followers and repurpose the content that resonated the most Then post it again in a different way.

2. Copy and Paste

Be sure to utilize copy and paste for your business {a lot}. For example, does your website already have an “About Me” page? Copy and paste that to the intro page of your e-book or bio in an email, instead of writing out the same thing every time. What are some other ways you can utilize the copy and paste feature? In a group event? When scripting your website? Make this re-purposing strategy work for YOU and YOUR business.

These two strategies will keep you consistent, save you time, protect your sanity, help you understand your goals/purpose, and develop a greater trust with your followers. If content creation totally overwhelms you or are unsure about what to even share with followers, let’s chat. I have been there and have broken through the overwhelm. I'd love to share my exact strategies with you. Schedule a call with me completely free, to help you gain clarity, consistency, and confidence below!

P.S. If you want to learn how to organize and create content that actually drives your clients to accept your offer, you need to follow these 5 steps each month. These are the 5 EXACT steps I follow to ensure ALL of my content is aligned with my goals and will drive my ideal clients to be begging to be part of my promotion!  

Ali Christian