Buried under a pile of business frustration?

Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels? Have countless potential sales fallen through? Are you spending countless hours on social media and not seeing any return? Do you complete business tasks each day that don't seem to move you closer to your goals? If you feel like you're giving 100% and still not seeing a return, I promise you I have an answer to your madness. I get the spinning-your-wheels-struggle & wondering if running a business is all too much for someone like you. Less than a year ago I woke up completely overwhelmed and drained. Every. Single. Day. We had a nagging credit card bill I was determined to knock out with my business earnings & a family vacation we wanted to plan, but there was no return to allow us these freedoms.

I was so tired of committing so much time and money to a business that I wasn't seeing a return from. There were so many other women who were in the same field and I felt like I'd never be as good as them. I didn't know how to stand out & I started to question if this business investment was all a huge mistake. I needed clarity & peace. Someone to share my struggles with. Someone to come alongside me and guide me step by step. Someone to provide an exact blueprint for my business. I longed for a community of women who understood me and were in the same spot, to offer their stories, struggles, and support.

Deep down, I knew I needed to take a risk and invest. After much searching I found the perfect business coach, but I was terrified to invest so much money in her. What if her program didn't work? I didn't even bring it up to my husband because I was afraid he would tell me to go for it, when all I wanted to do was quit and hang my head in shame. But as badly as I wanted to throw in the towel, I couldn't shake the voice in my head telling me that I needed to go for it.

I finally brought up the idea of hiring a business coach to Ben, secretly hoping he'd immediately tell me it wasn't a good idea with the financial position we were in. But as he normally does, he began asking questions- questions that sounded like we were going to try and make it work! After much prayer and discussion we decided to go for it. I was terrified and excited all at the same time, but God gave me a peace that this was truly what I needed to do.

And guess what happened? God was right. {Why am I always so shocked about this?} I started reaching my goals. Clients were investing in my course, people were asking to be a part of my programs, we were able to pay off our credit card {and so much more}, I finally had sanity and peace as a mompreneur, with a schedule that put my family first and still allowed me to be successful. And the best part? God allowed us to take not one, but three family vacations within the first 6 months of investing in a coach who simply knew more than I did.

Are you terrified to invest in your business that you so badly want to earn from? Are you determined to continue using the same strategies that haven't been working, in hopes that magically they'll make you successful? What if you stopped plowing through busy work, threw out the guesswork, and surrendered to the voice in your head telling you to take a risk &  learn exactly what you need to {and don't need to} be doing to truly be successful?

Sister, I spent way too much time utterly confused, not even sure what business training to invest in or coach to reach out to. But I believe you know exactly what your next steps are. Maybe you need to throw in the towel. Maybe you need to take a break and reevaluate if you want to continue building a business despite the overwhelming guesswork. Or maybe you need to break down and invest in your business. Your next step may be hiring a coach who has been exactly where you are right now- someone to hold your hand every step of the way, provide you a step by step action plan, and more.

If you know something needs to be done in your business, but aren't even sure where to begin, schedule a call with me to chat about your next steps. My promise to you is I will always be completely honest about where you are and where you could be. Stop being a victim of guesswork, confusion, and frustration & commit to DO something about your struggle today! Chatting with someone who has been right where you are will, at the very least, remind you that you are not crazy, in over your head, or a hopeless cause. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Ali Christian