So Your 'Why' Is To Stay Home With Your Kids and Earn More?


This month I launched two new programs. Yes. Two. New Programs. I know, amazeballs, right? It was Crazytown around here during the month of August, but both launches were way more successful than I anticipated and it was awesome!


You’d think I’d be celebrating heaven-style until the end of the quarter, right? Well, not so much. Last week, at the same time I finished launching the first program, I found myself questioning whether I was even in the right field (why do we ask ourselves this stupid question ALL the time?! Like, HELLO). On top of that, I felt a serious lull in motivation and excitement for what I had just launched {don’t worry amazing clients, I’m over it, but that’s not until later in the story}.


“What am I doing all of this for? Am I really going to have an eternal impact for Jesus or is the work I am doing in vain? Are my clients going to have an eternal impact? I really don’t want to work with women who just want to earn more and stay home with their kids.” These were the thoughts running through my head on repeat. Do you ever have these thoughts? While playing negative Nancy for an entire day was exhausting and discouraging, God turned this miserable day into a huge breakthrough for me. Keep reading...


After having deep conversations, caked in frustration, with my husband, business coach, and mastermind sisters {tell me I’m not alone in needing at least three different parties to hear me out}, I discovered why I was feeling lost and frustrated after two exciting and extremely successful launches: In the midst of ‘two exciting and extremely successful launches,’ I had let my conviction that Christian entrepreneurs need to have a greater mission than ‘earning extra money and staying home with their kids,’ fall to the wayside. In the midst of the excitement of signing new clients and filling my programs, I was not following my own rules about who I work with and it was causing me to lose sight of who I am, who I serve, what I do, and why I do what I do. And to top it all off, I was sick of getting on the phone with potential clients who I had high hopes for, just to hear shallow goals that I really wasn’t interested in helping them reach.


Now, I’m not writing this to tell you how exclusive my business is. I’m not writing this because it’s wrong to want to stay home with your kids and earn more money {I am guilty of both}. I’m not writing this to teach you about knowing and targeting your ideal client. I’m not even telling you this to interest you in working with me as a one-of-a-kind Christ-centered business coach. I’m letting my guts hang out to inspire you. To push you to go beyond settling. Beyond settling in your business and in your life. Fulfilling your God-given calling in life. Building your business for God’s glory. Not getting caught up in what the world says is your mission. Utilizing your spiritual gifts to build a wildly successful business. Not catching the “shiny object” bug. That’s what this is all about. Are you pumped up now or what? Great me too. Read on...


So there I was. Two successful launches and a dark cloud over my head. But then something happened. I got on a discovery call with the most amazing woman. She was oozing with passion for Jesus. She was excited about building her business for Christ.  Her desire was to utilize her God-given gifts to grow her business to be more Jesus centered and go beyond just selling a service or product. Of course she wanted to stay home with her boys and go on vacation and get out of debt and all of the things as well. But, she also wanted Jesus to guide her business and for people to know Him better through her fitness business. She gets it. She understands that business is beyond building you or your family or even your budget. And at that moment, when she finished sharing her “why,” I not only wanted to jump through my computer and kiss and hug her and buy her coffee and dance around with her, but I was reminded of my God-given calling {oh the irony}: Helping Christian women build successful businesses with Jesus at the center for HIS glory.


Now, I am not saying that staying home with the kids or getting out of debt or having the freedom to go on vacation is unimportant. In fact, these things are good, even biblical, but you need to have a greater mission, beyond these. Here’s why:


1. God has more for you

You have unique spiritual gifts God has given you and you need to discover them and then use them for his glory in your business. (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

2. Your success and happiness will sky rocket.

You won’t be successful if you’re marketing to everyone. Why? Because by trying to serve everyone you’re not serving anyone. Discover who God is calling you to serve and then focus on, love on, and work with them.


Now that I’ve rocked your world, you’re probably wondering, “Okay, so where do I even begin to understand what my calling is? Who am I here to serve? What is my God-given ‘why’? But don’t be overwhelmed sister. Here are 4 tips you can implement today to help you find your own unique mission:

1. Pray.

Pray about your deeper calling, beyond supporting your family and living a comfortable life.


2. Use what your Daddy gave you!

Don’t make it complicated. Which spiritual gifts did God give you?  What do you LOVE doing? How can you use the unique gifts God’s given you and integrate them into your business?


3. Ask Others.

If you’re struggling to understand your gifts and strengths, ask others what you're really good at or how you’ve inspired them; Even think back to what others have said you thrive at doing. How can you use those gifts and strengths to shift your business to have an eternal impact? {Side note: If you’re running a business you’re not passionate about it or you know you’re not truly using your God-given gifts then you are wasting your time. It may be time to drop your business and move forward with something else.}


4. Talk with a business mentor.

If you're longing to grow a business that has an eternal impact, but are unsure where to begin, I would love to talk with you! I’ve been in your shoes and there’s no shame. In fact, I’d love nothing more than to help you have your own breakthrough. Let’s face it, we all need a second pair of eyes and ears for our business sometimes.


Nothing lights me up more than connecting with Christian women who want to grow a business for God’s glory {even if they don’t know exactly how to do that yet}. I would be more than happy to chat with you about your business idea, how you can build a business with eternal impact, and more {oh, and for free, of course}. Schedule a complimentary call with me below to gain insight and hear from someone who gets the entrepreneurial struggle. I can’t wait to hear from you sister!

Ali Christian