You Must Do This One Action To Achieve True Freedom As An Entrepreneur

If you met me two years ago, I would’ve freely shared my hatred for technology. I was rarely on any social media platform and hardly ever even had a device on me. Believe it or not, I actually considered throwing in the towel with my online business for this exact reason: I hated being on social media constantly and incessantly worry about coming up with a post that “resonated with my ideal client” when all I truly wanted to do was spend time with the people who were physically in front of me. But these days, I am SO thankful for technology for one reason: automated systems!

One of the necessary evils of running an online business is being present. “Being present” is a fancy term meaning regularly showing up for your clients and potential clients to share more about yourself and develop a trusting relationship with them. But, praise the Lord I no longer have to log onto Facebook & Instagram to be sure I post at the exact time my ideal client is logged on- first thing in the morning and just after bedtime at night. Instead, I use automated systems that automatically share the content I’ve planned and I’m able to be completely present with my family {and my clients}.

Unsure about what an automated system even is?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write out your content all at once {when you’re in the zone}

  2. Choose the automated system of your choice {I use Buffer.}

  3. Copy and paste the content to the group, page, blog, or other platform you wish to post to. Genius right?

I have systems in place that automatically send emails & post content without having to log onto social media daily to post {and then ultimately waste time scrolling through my news feed} or wonder what I should send out as an email campaign each day. Automated systems allow entrepreneurs to be consistent + earn money while we’re sleeping or on vacation without having to lift a finger. These systems provide me peace of mind and as a bonus, a satisfying sense of mastery of multi-tasking {where the mommas at?}.

Some of my favorite automated systems include:


Do you have systems in place that allow you to be more present with your family? Here’s the deal, you will never feel fulfilled in your business if you are investing 100% of your time. You MUST invest in automated systems that bare much of the necessary burden of content sharing and empower you to be present, especially during vitally important times, such as family vacation. If you’re longing to be more present with the people who you are actually hanging out with {google chat doesn’t count}, consider checking out these systems.

Ali Christian