Losing A Used Car

The scariest and possibly most frustrating risk in entrepreneurship is spending money on something you want to be making money on. When I first started my business I spent countless hours snagging freebies and attempting to utilize them to build a booming business. I quickly learned that grabbing freebies was essentially a waste of my time, not only because my {mild} OCD won’t allow me to use someone else’s unique planner, list, sales funnel, you name it, but because freemiums didn’t provide me with the unique blueprint I needed for my dream business. 

After exhausting the freebie route, I knew deep inside I needed to invest, really invest, if I was ever going to be successful. The rule of thumb in business is you must be willing to invest to receive a return and I was ready to see that return! I hired the highest qualified business coach I knew (whose name shall remain unspoken out of a deep respect for her, despite my frustrations with the program).  I began a month-long business coaching program more excited than I had ever been before in my business. I knew I was running with the big dogs in this program and there was no way I could fail. But I was wrong, very wrong. I failed to thrive in this program because as a newbie entrepreneur I lacked the fundamentals- a mission, vision, clear calling. 

I finished the program confused, frustrated, and cynical. I had just lost 4 weeks worth of my sweet, trusting husband’s paycheck and was set back even further financially and mentally than before I started. Thankfully God crossed my path with an amazing business coach who invested in me and helped me discover how simple it is to create a successful business with the right systems in place. Of course I was terrified to reinvest in another business coach (whose prices were even more), but here's the thing: I knew I needed a coach who could meet me where I was at and connect what I was feeling God calling me to do with practical how-to steps. The appointment with her was divinely arranged and looking back was truly a moment God used to show me this is what He wants me to be doing and He will always provide a way for His will.

If you’ve seen powerful “this is what I should be doing” moments, that reaffirm God has truly called you into your business, He will provide a way for you to be successful. Sometimes these moments don’t come in neatly wrapped packages. You may have to dig deep and wait in the dark at times. If you’re lost and frustrated pray for a mission. Pray for discernment about your next steps. Pray to glorify Him in your business. And most of all pray that this business would truly be His will for your life, not your own will. I’m just an email away when you need a soundboard. 

Ali Christian