Mom-Failure Syndrome

I was becoming so discouraged and burned out in my health journey, business, as a mom + wife, and every other area of my life. Waking up in the morning went from a joy to feeling pointless. Why? I was focusing on what still needed to be done at the end of each day, where I had failed in all my roles, how much better someone else was than me, the list goes on and on. I wasn’t celebrating and focusing on what I did well, big or small. But I had many big and little people depending on me to be my best for them- something had to change ASAP. 

Ben and I decided to intentionally check in with each other at the end of each week and share “wins” from our week, to remind each other that we did in fact do things worthy of CELEBRATING! This has become a regular practice in our home and it has completely changed our attitude, energy, and drive each day (even though my sweet husband rarely struggles with a bad attitude or lack of drive). To “officially” celebrate weekly wins we may have a sweet treat or watch a movie. Or we may go out to eat or take a mini-road trip. Anything that is out of the ordinary for us and created an atmosphere of true jubilee. These small weekly celebrations create big attitude readjustments. 

So today I want you to stop. Close your eyes and steal 60 seconds for yourself to consider at least 3 wins you’ve have had this week (and don’t tell me you can’t think of anything). Then ask your children, spouse, mom, sister, friends, whoever you’re around to share! Side note: When these sweet people claim they have nothing to celebrate, you’ll quickly see that you were being too hard on yourself when you claimed there was nothing to celebrate. There is so much worthy of celebrating that we pass over each day.  Did you wake up without hitting snooze? Did you try a new healthy recipe this week? Were you kind to someone even when they didn’t show kindness in return? Now, choose how you’ll celebrate and hop to it!

She is clothed with strength and dignity;
    she can laugh at the days to come.
Proverbs 31:25


P.S. You, momma, are doing a fabulous job.

Ali Christian