I Probably Shouldn't Tell You This…

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I pray it helps you to hear.

This year I have learned that when there is an ongoing tension point in my life (i.e. the dishes are constantly left undone, the folded laundry doesn’t get put away for weeks regularly, etc) I need to talk to my husband. Not because he’s the next Einstein or because he’s my master, but because I know he gets me. He always comes up with some sort of solution and most of the time… it is genius!

To be totally transparent, the dinner dishes are usually left undone until the next day and the clean laundry stays in the basket for a few days (or weeks) after being folded. Yesterday as I reflected on 2016, I knew organization in our home was a big tension point in my life and occasionally between Ben and I. I brought it up to Ben and in a beautiful way we came up with a solution that seemed so simple when spoken but caused so much stress and frustration when left unsaid. We discovered he hates putting folded clothes away and I hate folding them. Pots and pans are my weakness while loading the dishwasher is his  Our solution? To do the other person’s least liked tasks! The result? Well see for yourself…

What tension points are in your life that you need to solve in order to have a more peaceful 2017? If you could accomplish three things in 2017 what would they be? Maybe you’ve been wanting to go back to school? Possibly lose those pesky 15 pounds? How about creating an orderly space for your kiddos to play in? Are there projects you’ve been wanting to complete but just haven’t made the time to do so? Do you need to de-clutter? Should you talk with someone about your business goals? Do you have goals you’ve been putting off day after day, resulting in year after year?

Make time to complete those items that have been on your to-do list all year today. Plan a day or regular time each week right now when you will achieve your goals. If you’re anything like me, your goals are not selfish. In fact, you’ve probably set goals with the hope of improving your family. Your children and hubby deserve to have the best version of you and you can achieve that version when you make you a priority. Making yourself a priority is not selfish; you are equipping yourself to better SERVE those around you!

Becoming a calmer & less stressed mompreneur were top priorities for me that I put off for far too long, causing me to suffer as a mom, wife, friend, and person. I ignored my goals and dreams (that were actually meant to better my family) resulting in sheer exhaustion, insecurity, and frustration in all of my roles. I am so thankful for the crash and burn point that I came to where I had to once again, bring myself to Ben (and Jesus) and ask how we could make it possible for me to reach my goals. Like he always does, he encouraged me to do whatever I needed to do in order to reach them- get a coach, invest more money in my business, outsource, etc. The result?

I can reflect on 2016 and say without a doubt, this has been the year where I finally did it. I haven't made it in life, but I see progress! I finally committed and achieved goals that not only bettered myself but my family. I hired a business mentor who could help me achieve a calmer attitude and a more successful business. Because of the investment I made in a coach, I am finally equipped to be an example to my daughter of how a selfless, strong, confident, and God-loving woman acts. Through my financial choices, commitment to my business and family, and the structure that comes with a business mentor, I am becoming the best version of me that I can be without giving up my sanity or time with family. Now that’s success.

P.S. If you’re a skimmer and jumped right to the p.s., here’s the deal: Invest in yourself if your investment is truly beneficial for your family and loved ones. If you’re anything like me, your goals are not selfish. In fact, you’ve probably set goals with hopes of improving your family! One goals that I put off for far too long was to develop a business that I ran, not that ran me. I was tired of exhaustion and feeling like I was trying to stay afloat. If you've been considering investing in a coach (because you feel like a crazy person), I promise this investment will offer you clarity of mind, confidence, and structure that you won’t regret. If you need to chat with someone who can recommend the next steps in your business, schedule a free consultation with me or leave your information below to discuss how we can help you finally achieve your goals and make 2017 THE year! If you’ve been waiting for a sign to finally pull the trigger and invest in your health this is it. I can’t wait to chat!


Ali Christian